How Our Customers Benefit From A

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Finding the best products is just half of the Site Survey. The other half includes the three most important pieces:
Significant Hard Cost Savings Labour & Productivity Savings Health & Safety and Environmental Reasons To Change

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Why we conduct Site Surveys

A Site Survey is about more than just buying a product. It’s about using the right products for your facility. A bottle of a common glass cleaner purchased at a retail store does the same job for everyone who uses it. Now picture a glass cleaner that has specific characteristics that make it more effective against your unique needs. The Site Survey is designed to help you find that glass cleaner, among many other things. Every environment is unique and so is every cleaning solution. Our years of expertise in the industry have given us a full understanding of different environments and how to tackle their daily cleaning challenges effectively and successfully. We know what works and what doesn’t. 

What is assessed during a Site Survey

During the site survey, many factors are taken into account:

  • Areas to be cleaned
  • Current process & methods for cleaning and maintenance
  • Current chemical usage, storage, and disposal
  • Goals for process or program improvements
  • Consolidation & SKU rationalization opportunities

Our Site Surveys are available virtually or in person at no cost. To request a Site Survey, fill out the form above, email us at or call us at 1-800-387-8226.

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